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Prosser is an international consultation firm specializing in achieving success to its clients through four areas of practice: Community, Energy, Management and Relationships. For three decades, we have been delivering our practice areas through our service sectors in programming, management, engineering, transportation, planning, business development, project management, design and consensus-building. Specifically, we offer expertise and lead teams comprised of professional land and regulatory planners, environmental scientists, corporate leaders and consultants, civil, electrical, chemical, process and transportation engineering, attorneys, architects and construction management experts.

We work throughout the Americas and Europe with a primary focus in North America and the Caribbean. The majority of our work is provided through our office headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla.

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The leadership at Prosser is comprised of its Board of Directors and Managing Principals. The President of our firm, Don Fullerton along with Shawn Bliss, Brad Davis and Ryan Stilwell make up the Board of Directors.

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Our diversity of staff creates a unique culture at Prosser. The mixture of engineers, designers, planners, business development experts and construction managers provides a wide range of opportunities. It is our culture and our people that yield positive outcomes. These positive outcomes are manifested in our staff's ability to listen first, keep an open mind and effectively communicate ideas.  

We also emphasize an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, we believe that is the key to our sustained success. By providing an open forum for ideas, a vigilance towards creativity and a strong foundation of technical expertise, Prosser has been able to enjoy continued success in its traditional market sectors while expanding into new ones. 

It also helps that we enjoy working together. Many of us have been together for decades and all of us embrace a family-like culture.


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