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Acklins Resort

The North Acklins Island Project is poised to be the most forward thinking and exceptional project in the Bahamas and the region. Its vision is multi-faceted but clarified by a clear mission. Manifesting the mission and its supporting principles in a tangible project will require an integrated planning, design, engineering and business development process that will entail formalized tasks. These tasks include data gathering, programming, design, feasibility analysis, construction and cost analysis, political coordination, marketing, public outreach and business leadership components.

At the conceptual level, implementing the project mission and core principles has resulted in a master plan aimed at providing a vision for the North Acklins Island Project. The preliminary master plan is divided into four primary precincts, which are primarily the results of location, existing conditions and programming. Minor changes may result from land surveys and data gathering completed made prior to the preparation of a final master plan.

In terms of land development and associated practices, sustainability means to develop in a way that current needs are supported without compromising the needs and abilities of future generations. For this project it is much more than a statement or practice intended to define a sensitive or socially-conscious way to impact the land or build a project—it is prerequisite for success. The success of the project is primarily contingent upon efficient use of resources.

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