Planning and Design

Campus Planning - Planning for campus environments has been a market sector for our firm since its inception. Our clients include those associated with educational facilities, military bases, corporations and health care providers. In all cases, we strive to integrate all of our services to design environments that are places for people first. Sensitivity to operations, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, expansion, capital and business related initiatives are the primary elements that shape the places we create.

Civic and Health Care - Master planning, site selection and due diligence, land planning, civil engineering, transportation planning and engineering and construction administration are the primary services we deliver in this market sector. We have created a systematic process that can be easily tailored to a client's specific needs in planning, engineering and implementing these projects.

Community and Town Planning - Our projects that entail development of land and infrastructure require the creation or modification of legislation, covenants or guidelines to support the elements that are proposed. Prosser has developed hundreds of zoning and land use regulations, development criteria documents and regional guidelines for private and public clients. The Development of Regional Impact (DRI), Planned Unit Development (PUD), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Model Ordinances are among the types of documents we have developed and implemented.

Residential - The design and implementation of residential communities has been a cornerstone of our firm's success. Our firm has been involved in countless projects in this market sector at all levels. Conceptualization, market studies, engineering, construction and administration are the primary services we perform in this service sector.

Leisure and Entertainment - Our team of engineers, planners and landscape architects have worked throughout the southeast and the Caribbean to assist our clients at envisioning and developing places of respite, relaxation, activity and contemplation. These places are manifested in resorts, amenities and gardens. In all cases, we actively pursue the synthesis of sustainability, land stewardship and market-driven ideals to meet the needs of the context and the client.

Public Infrastructure

Transportation - Our international experience includes highway systems, airports, military installations, metro rail and pedestrian traffic. We focus on creating and improving governmental municipal transportation systems. Using context, the client's vision and technology as a basis for efficiency and compatibility, we design systems that achieve the transportation needs of the community.

Public Space - The conceptualization, programming and implementation of public space in the form of parks, greenways, gardens and urban design elements has been a sustained market sector for us. Public space is a key element in all of our projects in the community practice area. In this part of our work, we continually strive to combine all of our practice areas (community, energy, management and relationships) while embracing environmental stewardship, the needs of the public and creating success to our clients' business goals.

Utilities - Our team of engineers and planners is dedicated to enhancing, creating and facilitating multiple modes of utility-based infrastructure. This experience includes in-house and team management of stormwater, water, sewer, electrical and communication systems.


Selected Projects
Jacksonville International Airport

JTA Transit Study/Design

Mayo Clinic

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University



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maaster plan

aerial of Mayo Clinic

village center

JIA runway extension

runway construction

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