Coastal Georgia
Design Guidelines

This document applies primarily to design elements and improvements that influence the public realm. Generally, focus on those influences that impact viewshed, identity, micro-climate, sustainability and in limited cases public safety. They are a framework to meet the State of Georgia's regional planning goals and implied procedures to implement portions of the Coastal Georgia Regional Plan. The articulation of mass, form, materials, theme and design methodologies are the primary constituents of the guidelines.

The public realm is best represented as those areas associated with public rights-of-way and public space. Highways, streets, roads, corridors, trails, thoroughfares, greenways, blueways and parks are the viewpoint. All areas adjacent to these elements are the viewshed: development parcels, road shoulders and the edges of private and public lands. In its simplest form, the guideline elements addressed from the viewpoint to the viewshed are as follows:

1. Utilizing Vegetation and Landscape

2. Signage

3. Pavement Surfaces

4. Lighting

5. Enclosures, Walls and Fences

6. Accessory Structures


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