Interstate 95 and
County Road 210

Prosser is involved in a public (St. Johns County and Florida Department of Transportation District 2) – private (Falcon South Jacksonville LLC) partnership intended to create and implement short range improvements and plan for long term solutions for this interstate interchange that serves the rapidly growing northern tier of St. Johns County. Our team completed both planning and engineering tasks in this process as described below, and continue to work toward various planning, engineering, and construction objectives.

Southbound(SB) Interchange Improvements – One of the most immediate needs at this interchange is expansion of the SB exit ramps to service an afternoon peak hour traffic demand that overwhelms the existing single-lane ramp. Prosser worked with the public – private group to define signal timing and traffic control changes to help provide immediate relief. We then worked to reach agreement on a substantial upgrade of the ramp that will include a single auxiliary lane on I-95 widening to two auxiliary lanes, feeding a two-lane exit diverge, then widening to a five-lane ramp with a dual left turn and a triple right turn at the ramp intersection with CR 210.

Prosser led the design, survey, and environmental permitting effort for the SB interchange. The project was implemented in 2010.

aerial of interchange


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