Prosser assisted juwi solar Inc. in the permitting of the 15.01 megawatt (DC) Jacksonville Solar Energy Generation Facility. In May 2009, juwi solar's subsidiary entered into a long-term power purchase agreement with JEA.

The Jacksonville Solar Energy Generation Facility includes 200,000 ground-mounted, thin-film solar panels on a 91-acre plot of land.
Prosser continues to be a part of the renewable energy industry through its solar services. In addition to wind, waste to energy and sustainability projects, Prosser serves our solar clients in the form of a consultant, developer or partner.

Services provided include:

• Civil and Landscape Design
(driveway, master drainage plan, internal roadways)

• Obtain exemption Florida Department of Environmental Protection for stormwater and wetlands

• Nationwide Permit from ACOE

• Driveway Permit from FDOT

• Environmental Design

• Zoning/Land use "Letter of Confirmation" from planning department

• City of Jacksonville Concurrency exemption

• City of Jacksonville development permits (10 Set Approval)

• Construction Administration

solar panel pad locations aerial and graphic of juwi solar panel farm aerial of juwi completed solar panel farm overhead photo of people standing among solar panel cells
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