Naval Station Rota

Prosser was the lead facilitator and project manager for the development of an updated master plan based on a new mission for this strategically located facility. The new mission brought together different branches of the U.S. armed forces as a joint use facility operated by the U.S. Navy. To achieve success required a highly managed facilitation process. The facilitation was customized into six (6) steps:

• Review of the project's goals and objectives and familiarization with the existing conditions of Naval Station Rota

• Interviews and open discussion with all stakeholders

• Identification of common issues and conflicts

• Group workshops to discuss and develop objectives, priorities, and implementation plans

• Refinement of plans based on economic, engineering, and tangible and intangible issues

• Decision makers were presented development options for final resolution of outstanding issues and adoption

The master planning process had to address many complex issues including relationships with the Spanish government and surrounding communities; historical resources (Roman era ruins) and major infrastructure improvements to support new aircraft type including: modification to taxiways, aprons and landside hangers, housing, fueling facilities and medical support expansions.

Plan view of NAS Rota

NAS Rota aircraft carrier at dock NAS Rota master plan development meeting aerial view of NAS Rota airport and runways

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