Pathfinder is one of the most remarkable renewable energy projects of our time. Its primary goal is to provide energy to the western United States by harnessing central Wyoming's wind resources. Pathfinder includes approximately 200,000 acres and over 3,000 megawatts of planned capacity which aims at addressing our country's renewable power needs while providing an unmatched stewardship-based ethic. It is this ethic that sets Pathfinder apart from any wind project on the planet.

Pathfinder has focused on responsible wind development through the protection of environmental and cultural resources while providing large production level wind power. This is best explained by focusing wind development in the most appropriate places through public interaction, environmental inventories and employing the most technologically advanced planning, design and engineering techniques available. One of the most notable advancements in this long-term project is the announcement of General Electric and Sammons Power Development as partners. These partnerships have been crucial in our success in securing transmission.

Prosser has been involved in the project from inception and continues to provide its renewable energy development and planning services. Our team was the lead in developing the Pathfinder brand and the specific approach to developing wind the Pathfinder way. Our team developed the business, political and permitting approach to ensure the current success the project enjoys. Specifically our team provided the following services:

• Property Inventory and Analysis (Geographic Information Systems)

• Federal Grants and Tax Credit Evaluations

• Community Outreach and Education

• Master Planning

• Business and Partnership Development Packages

• Renewable Power Analysis for Community and National Benefits Justification

• Wind Development Suitability Mapping

• State and Federal Permit Coordination

• Environmental, Cultural and Ranch Management Framework

• Branding and Collateral

• Computer Visual Simulations

plan view of unf concept master plan

unf hodges stadium science and humanities construction parking garage

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