San Pablo Road/
J. Turner Butler Boulevard

Prosser conducted a study to quantify the benefits of adding flexible delineator posts and curbing to the San Pablo Road and Butler Boulevard westbound ramp intersection. The focus of our efforts was to improve the southbound to westbound traffic flow in the P.M. peak period. During this time period, the southbound traffic volumes on San Pablo Road are quite heavy.

A "before" and "after" study was conducted that measured the length of the southbound queues in the right turn lane and in the left through lane that feeds the left turn lane at the eastbound ramp intersection. In addition to measuring queue lengths, intersection turning movement counts were conducted to measure the volume of traffic using the intersection. The number of southbound right turn vehicles that actually stopped while making the right turn were also counted.

The data indicates that the clearance of vegetation along the inside radius of the turn and the installation of flexible delineator posts and curb for southbound traffic have significantly improved traffic flow for the southbound right turn to the point that even though the volumes have not changed, the number of right-turn vehicles stopping unnecessarily was reduced from 33 to 4 during the p.m. peak. This resulted in the elimination of stopped vehicle queues and significantly improving traffic flow in the area.

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