State Roads 20 and 207

This project consisted of a 6-mile east/west segment of the Florida Intrastate Highway System (FIHS) linking SR 20 and SR 207 throughout the City of Palatka and across the US 17 bridge over the St. Johns River. The major issues were a constrained right-of-way, existing signal spacing, and no restrictive medians. Alternatives considered were: a bypass to either the north or south; a 6-lane widening; a 4-lane section with FIHS Improvements; and a constrained alternative with some FIHS improvements. The Constrained Alternative was recommended as the appropriate design for the next twenty years. Two public meetings and a public hearing were held for the project. The Final Action Plan included a Facility Enhancement Element, an Operations and Preservation Element and an Environmental Element.

corridor bridge crossing

map of project extents view of Palatka bridge toward east downtown palatka

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