Synergy Renewables

Providence Energy Corporation (PEC) and Mesa Power Group combined forces to focus on multiple waste to energy projects in North America and Europe in order to diversify their expansive energy portfolios. Prosser's role is to help develop and implement the partnerships renewable energy diversification plans.

PEC contracted Prosser to lay the ground work and implement success for their company and partners while developing their renewable energy portfolio diversification. Our role initially was to review waste to energy technologies from around the world and assess their potential for profitability. Upon completion of these efforts our scope is all encompassing with the ultimate outcome being final implementation, the production of renewable power and the creation of renewable fuels at a profitable level.

The production of energy and fuels from waste streams is a proven, environmentally-beneficial and efficient method to reduce unwanted waste streams and diversify power portfolios. Energy production varies in this realm through generation from engines, steam and cogeneration. There is an additional product that is a viable resource and that is the production of gaseous and liquid fuels.

Our team provided the following services:

• Technical Analysis of gasification companies products

• Federal Tax and Credit Incentives for development

• Grant Investigation pertaining to renewable development

• Community-Based Initiatives for renewable development

• Preliminary Waste and Power Agreements

• Community Outreach

• Business Development

• Municipal Agreements

• Applicability Analysis

• Cost-Benefit Analysis

• Detailed Site Selection

• All Permitting and Approvals

• Assist in Project Wrapping with EPC Contractor

• Site Engineering and Construction Documents

• Branding and Collateral

• Project Management

• Sustainable design

• Pattern book

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graphic of waste to energy facility

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