City of Jacksonville 2-Way Mobility and Safety Project

Prosser | PRIME AE has been evaluated as the highest scoring proposer for the City of Jacksonville’s 2-Way Mobility and Safety Project on Forsyth and Adams Streets. This marketing success was made possible by the tireless work of Peggy Szykowny and Jason Wynn.

The goal of this project is to convert the existing roadway infrastructure on Forsyth and Adams Streets from one-way pairs to two-way roadways to create a more pedestrian-friendly, economically viable, and better-connected network in downtown Jacksonville. Prosser | PRIME AE’s Tony Robbins led the COJ Downtown Overlay effort that identified the need to make these one-way pairs two-ways.

The same team that is making the Park Street Road Diet successful will lead this effort as well. Prosser | PRIME AE’s Shawn Bliss and Michael Kulik will lead the design and Jenny Urcan, Ben Combs, and Mario Dipola will lead the engineering, making the design vision a reality. All teams will be supported by Milan Banjac, Tim O’Reilly, Richard Lonergan, Paul Moss, Jenniffer Melchiade, An Vo, Rich Palmisano, Kurt Hyder, Stephen Walcott, and Will Lyon.

Prosser | PRIME AE will build on long term experience with an emphasis on recent Downtown successes, the Downtown Overlay and Park Street Road Diet projects, with the same innovative and creative design teams to bring exceptional vision and foresight to this transformative downtown project. This project will fully integrate each of our services start to finish, similar to the Park Street Road Diet project.

We are extremely excited for this project and look forward to the next phase!