Area Development Plans (ADPs)

ADPs provide the comprehensive vision and way forward for tenant commands located on military installations. These plans must be consistent with an Installations Development Plan (IDP) while still incorporating all of the physical elements required to achieve a successful mission for the tenant.

Our recent ADP projects include supporting the client of one of our large business partners, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) at three locations, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA (MCBCP)Anniston Army Depot (AAD), AL, and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. These projects involved evaluating the specific type of in and out processing of military equipment including Non-DEMIL (uniforms, electronic equipment, operations) and DEMIL (weapons systems). Each type required its own security and handling protocol.

We assisted in developing Courses of Action (COA) plans which utilized existing buildings and infrastructure determined to be in adequate condition and suitable for improvement. The Sustainment Restoration and Modernization (SRM) funds combined with new construction MILCON funds are utilized for increasing capacity or replacement of structures beyond their life-cycle. The goal is to maximize the capital investment funds available to meet existing and future mission requirements in the most efficient manner possible.

LOCATION Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA (MCBCP), Anniston Army Depot (AAD), AL, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC


Area Development Plans (ADP’s)
Area Development Plans (ADP’s)
ADP Memphis Plan