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GE Oil & Gas

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

GE Oil & Gas manufactures its Becker rotary control valves and Mooney flowgrid regulators in this facility, located in Jacksonville Cecil Commerce Center. These valves and regulators maintain pressure and flow control for almost any gas or liquid. Valves manufactured in this facility range in size from that of a dime, to a 1-story house. In this facility, GE incorporates advanced manufacturing processing technologies to foster the innovation of these and other oil and gas products.

The facility is part of AllianceFlorida at Cecil Commerce Center, one of the largest industrial parks in Florida. The manufacturing facility and its employees are located in a 510,000-square-foot front-load warehouse that is 500 ft. wide by 1,015 ft. long.


CONTRACTOR The Conlan Company

METRICS 40 acres, 510,000 SF, 639 Parking Spaces

EMPLOYEES 600-1,000

LOCATION Jacksonville, FL

SERVICES Engineering & Permitting

GE Oil & Gas