Mayo Clinic Retail Link Garden

The design approach to the garden and plaza space associated with the Mayo Clinic Retail Link is grounded in proposing a solution that is responsive to efficiencies, function and context. It addresses experience at the ground level and from above by offering strategic views, varying journeys and places of respite.

The proposed concept consolidates the use of plaza space in key areas with an emphasis on circulation. 

These elements are complimented by plantings that are aimed at reaching the design goals while integrating sensitivity to resources and maintenance. The conceptual design for the space seeks to integrate the needs of patient, staff, leadership and visitors by addressing arrival, pedestrian movement to/from the parking garage and the notion of solitude and collaboration. The proposed forms, plant/design materials and disposition of the improvements are proposed to exemplify a sense of place at varying scales. The scales are considered at both a micro (campus scale) and macro (Northeast Florida) levels by drawing upon key elements one would expect to experience at Mayo Clinic and throughout Jacksonville.



Integrated natural systems of Northeast Florida as a design basis to create a contemporary space offering contemplation, a café plaza, event space, and sculpture space.


SERVICES  Landscape Architecture, Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Post Design Services, Graphic Design and 3D Visualization


LOCATION  Jacksonville, Florida

Aerial View
Courtyard Benches on Turf
Courtyard Wall
Interior View
Screen Wall