PGA TOUR World Headquarters

Creating a discernible order in the forest is a sensible approach to the planning and landscape architecture for the “New Home of the PGA Tour”. The need for order in complex environments is among the very basic principles of operations in leadership, business and in golf. Bringing together the game, the business of golf and the tournament (The Players) into a cohesive campus that is sensitive to leadership, staff, the players and spectators resulted in a solution that yields an amazing destination.


Progression of Experience

Arriving at the New Home of the PGA Tour the transition through the campus is one that builds to an immersive experience. A varying display of formally arranged gardens that culminate into a pastoral field and forest characterized by the Northeast Florida coastal hammock.


Nestled in the Forest

The ultimate solution is based on the improvements nestled between an upland forest and a mature vegetated wetland. Carefully curated placement of architecture, vehicular use areas and lagoons are nested within natural areas and a regenerated forest of native plantings, berms, and lawns.


Strategic Views

The orientation(s) of architecture and pedestrian networks work together to support a layering of views. Terminal views evoke the notion of landmark and icon juxtaposed against the wandering expansive vistas symbolic of those found on the golf course. In addition to these broad concepts, strategic lines of sight are created to allow for an arrival sequence of discovery and an office experience that supports interaction, contemplation, and a healthy workplace.


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Creation of a new tournament experience for spectators, LEED services and integration of visitors, staff, players, and spectators in a safe and vibrant environment


SERVICES Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Post Design Services, Graphic design, and 3D Visualization


LOCATION St. Johns County, Florida


PGA TOUR World Headquarters