Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia (CRC)

The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia

Prosser | PRIME AE was engaged to lead this award winning, groundbreaking project to provide planning expertise and deliver tools for implementing a regional plan encompassing 10 counties and 35 municipalities.

Highlights of Prosser’s work include:

Model Ordinances for Local Governments

A suite of model ordinances was created promoting Smart Growth principles, the use of purchase and transfer of development rights, conservation subdivisions, a hybridized form-based code for PUDs and regional design guidelines.

Design Guidelines

The guidelines were created based on five regional characters and 12 area-specific characters, with customized elements focusing on viewsheds, identity, microclimate, sustainability and safety. In its simplest form, the elements addressed public viewsheds to include vegetation, icons and gateways, signage, pedestrian/vehicular networks, walls and fences, lighting and accessory structures.

Charrettes, Workshops and Consensus Building

The process found its greatest success through the use of multiple charrettes and workshops to gain consensus and to develop strategies based on input from a diversity of stakeholders. This was especially important in the planning and design of the Aging in Place Initiatives.

Joint Land Use Studies

The work included support implementation activities for the Fort Stewart/HAAF Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). This project resulted in the development of a Military Installation Zoning Overlay District for adjoining jurisdictions.


Prosser | PRIME AE led over 12 practicums throughout the region to ensure proper execution of the regional plan.

Regional Plan Implementation Tool

Prosser | PRIME AE conceived and constructed a web-based, user friendly and readily accessible planning tool for measuring success and implementation of the regional plan. The tool allows governmental entities to score and show compliance with the regional plan.


LOCATION Coastal Georgia

SERVICES Planning, Charrettes, Design Guidelines, Custom Digital Tools

The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia
The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia
The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia
The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia