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Roadway Design

Florida has over 122,000 miles of public roads which require on-going maintenance and improvements. The process of managing one of the largest state roadway networks in the U.S. (ranked 9th) generally follows three major categories of roadway design: Minor Roadway Improvements, Major Roadway Improvements and Limited Access Facility Improvements. Prosser has the experience, qualifications and management processes to ensure successful projects in all three categories of roadway design.

We have developed construction plans and specifications, design variations, typical section packages, and pavement design packages for every type of roadway improvement. We are up to date with the latest design software and integrate 3D modeling into our design to ensure accurate plan quantities and avoid conflicts with existing infrastructure.

Prosser | PRIME AE’s staff utilizes the latest design technology, design concepts, and communication methods to ensure roadway plans are clear and constructible.

About the Three Categories of Roadway Design

Minor improvements generally refer to turn lane projects, pedestrian and bicycle improvement projects, or Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (RRR) projects. Major Roadway Improvements are typically associated with roadway capacity projects. Limited Access Facility improvement projects are specific to improvements within limited access right-of-way that is more than pavement rehabilitation.

All roadway projects have multiple levels of coordination with stakeholders within the public right-of-way. Depending on the scope and scale of the proposed improvements, utilities, adjacent property owners, regulatory agencies, and maintaining agencies are notified of the proposed improvements. Public involvement, permits, work schedules, and maintenance agreements may be required depending on the proposed improvements

Representative Projects

Riverside Avenue Widening, Jacksonville

I-95 at CR 210 Interchange Improvements, St. Johns County

CR 210 Widening, St. Johns County

11th and 12th Streets, Downtown Jacksonville

San Pablo Road Widening, Jacksonville


LOCATIONS Throughout Florida

Roadway Design
Roadway Design
Roadway Design
Riverside Avenue
Riverside Avenue