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Traffic Studies and Operations

In 2017, approximately 600M daily vehicle miles were traveled in Florida. In order to accommodate this large traffic volume and projected increases, traffic studies are a vital process to enhance the safety and performance of Florida’s freeways, state roads and local arterial streets. Prosser | PRIME AE provides comprehensive services related to understanding traffic conditions leading to intelligent transportation solutions.

Ensuring the correct solution for the correct place is one of the key fundamentals to traffic studies and operations. If not carefully studied, what may seem like an easy fix may exacerbate an existing problem or make conditions worse. Further, generally accepted improvements that enhance safety, when installed without proposer justification, may make the infrastructure less safe. We utilize the latest evaluation techniques and software to ensure our recommendations will improve operations and safety for the traveling public.

Prosser | PRIME AE has analyzed regional effects of proposed developments on the existing roadway network, utilized innovative intersections to improve operations and safety on existing and proposed intersections, and implemented innovative signing and marking techniques to provide drivers with more intuitive advanced notice of upcoming decisions along the roadway network.

Prosser | PRIME AE is experienced with federal, state, and local guidelines and ordinances for traffic studies, safety improvements and parking studies and can seamlessly move from study to design for all traffic-related needs.

More About Traffic Studies

A traffic study typically consists of analyzing an existing or proposed transportation system, documenting any deficiencies, and recommending improvements that may be required to accommodate current or projected traffic volumes. Traffic operations is the implementation of documented recommendations through lighting, signalization, and signing and pavement marking improvements.

Representative Projects

St. Johns County Continuing Traffic Engineering Services

SR 134/Rockola Rd. Signal Warrant Analysis and Signal Design, Jacksonville

SR 212 at Charter School Drive Signal Warrant Analysis and Signal Design, Jacksonville

Durbin Transportation Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District

World Commerce Center DRI

Mayo Jacksonville Campus DRI


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Traffic Studies and Operations
Traffic Studies and Operations